hALF wHEEL created quite the buzz in 2020 with their latest album release, “Good Days”. The single “Good Day” quickly gathered 27K views after being released on FaceBook as well as other video platforms. During the pandemic, the band performed several virtual concerts, including Save Our Stages – Pittsburgh, and a live performance in Florida on the BE Well Network. With the country once again opening up, the band has been actively booking festivals. The newest album features a collection of feel good songs that blend the musical vision of Jazz Byers with strong vocal performances by Sean Nestor. The songs blend a wide variety of 12 string acoustic and electric guitars, 3 string diatonic Strumsticks, and vocal melodies to create a very enjoyable listening experience. Although the newest album has vocals, hALF wHEEL started out as an instrumental band. Their first album provided the soundtrack to “Bicycling The Southern Tier”; a documentary about Jazz’s solo ride across the United States. This is how the band got its name. (Half wheeling, in bicycling, is when the person in front of you always keeps their handlebars ahead of the person next to them or rides half a wheel’s length in front of you no matter what the speed. Whether it’s a dominance thing or a lack of etiquette depends on the person.) Since 2017, hALF wHEEL has consistently been in the top 10 on the ReverbNation instrumental charts for Pittsburgh. Peaking at #1 with the album, “Laniakea”. The song “Terra, Gaea, Earth” has been featured in several international conference commercials. The live band consists of group of very talented musicians from the Pittsburgh and Erie areas, and can vary from 2 to 6 people, depending on the size of the venue. So be sure to check out hALF wHEEL this summer.

On August 1, 2019, hALF wHEEL released “Laniakea”, the band’s most ambitious recording to date. “Laniakea” is a Hawaiian word meaning “immeasurable heavens”. In addition to Jazz and Sean, the album contains a number of guest musicians to help create a well rounded album.

Jazz wanted to create a concept album that took the listener on a journey through outer space. “Laniakea” is that album. The album starts at the sun, and works its way through the solar system until eventually ending up in the immeasurable heavens. Each song on the album represents a different celestial body.

“Laniakea” was recorded by Jazz Byers at Rattle Clack Entertainment in Pittsburgh, PA, and was mixed by Mike Ofca at Innovation Studios in Steubenville, OH.

The band released another studio album in 2017 simply titled “hALF wHEEL”, followed by two videos. “Maybe Someday” was the first video released from the album and featured guest guitarist, Anthony Leone. “This Is Not Goodbye” was the 2nd video, and it featured footage of the band performing live and traveling.

hALF wHEEL began in 2016 when Jazz Byers (guitar, bass guitar, drums, Strumstick, keyboards) made a documentary movie called “Bicycling The Southern Tier”, about his solo bicycle ride across the United States. He needed a soundtrack, so he wrote and recorded 10 songs in a day. The following day, Sean Nestor (lead guitars) joined him in the studio to track the lead guitars. An additional song was recorded a few weeks later and that became the band’s first full-length release entitled “Ride”.

Several videos were released from the album. “Keep Moving” was the first video single followed by “The Desert”. Both videos feature footage of the band, as well as, footage from the documentary.

"Bicycling The Southern Tier" is a documentary about about my solo cross-country bicycle ride from St. Augustine, FL to San Diego, CA. The ride was completely self-supported. I hope you enjoy it.
Jazz Byers